Meals at the Saba'a Hotel

Breakfast is included in the rate you pay. It's served between 6:30-10:00 am, but if you want to get up really early for sunrise in Petra (well worth the extra effort), we can organise something for earlier. Just let us know the night before.



- Fresh Bread

- Jams

- Chocolate Spread

- Za'tar and Olive Oil

- Eggs

- Natural Yogurt

- Cheese

- Dates

- Tomatoes & Cucumbers

- Olives

- Halva

- Ka'ak ( Jordanian biscuits)

- Tea and coffee



Most people spend all day walking around Petra, so to make things easier we can provide a packed lunch to take with you. Just choose one of the sandwiches below, let us know the night before and it'll be ready at breakfast.

Wraps: (3.50JD)
A choice of 4 sandwiches
- Tuna Mayonnaise
- Egg Mayonnaise
- Hummous
- Feta cheese
All sandwiches come with tomato or cucmber or both, and the lunch includes a packet of crisps, a cake and a piece of fruit.


We have a variety of food on offer throughout the day:

- A selection of toasties

- Hot and cold wraps

- Soups