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The TreasuryThe Treasury
Probably the main reason you've arrived here is to visit this beautiful and mysterious city. I've visited many times and still think it's one of the most fantastic places to explore on this earth.

The temple everyone has seen pictures of is called The Treasury (Al Kazbeh) but there is much more to Petra than this, literally hundreds of temples, monuments and facades, covering over 100sqkm. You can easily spend two or three days walking around the site and will only have seen the tip of this sandy iceburg.

There are many different walks we can show you - ones you can do both with or without a guide. We'll provide you with a map to make exploring easier and can help to organise tours to more inaccessible areas either on horseback or on foot.

The entrance fee to Petra is 50JD for 1 day, 55JD for 2 days and 60JD for 3 days entry and the 4th day is free.

There is also a new scheme called Jordanpass (www.jordanpass.jo). You can buy it online before you travel. It gives you a free visa into Jordan (if you arrive at Amman airport or via the Wadi Araba border), free entry into Petra and 40 other attractions in Jordan. If you are uncertain I would buy the 2 day pass rather than the 1 day as you can't extend once you've bought it and there is easily enough to see in Petra for 2 days


Map of Petra site Map of Petra site